The 2016 Saint Albans Racing Series is on! 
We are tweaking up the race line-up and going back to 3 races!
1. Run with the Dragons 5K - August 6
2. Itty Bitty Kitty 2 Miler - October 15
3. Hot Diggity Dog Thanksgiving 5K - November 24
Our medals this year are amazing! Instead of having to finish all three races to earn a medal, you now get a medal at EACH RACE. The catch is, if you finish all 3 they form into the shape of West Virginia!
          2016 Medal
Proceeds from the Racing Series benefit many local organizations. These include the Saint Albans Cross Country Teams, The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, the Putnam County Animal Shelter, and the Nick Caldwell Memorial Scholarship Fund!
 Last year (in our third year as a Series), we saw 99 Series Finishers!
On average, each race had 206 Finishers!
Our overall winners for 2015-2016 were Luke Miller (1:50:02.02) and Olivia Ward (2:11:11.6)
DSC 0234A     DSC 0233A
 In our second year as a Series, we had 121 Series Participants!
On average, each race had 258 Participants! 
Our Overall Winners for 2014-2015 were Jon Sandy (1:05:44) and Jessica Swisher (1:18:42).
Jon Sandy     Jessica Swisher
 In the first year of the series, we had 40 Participants and an average of 140 Participants at each race!
Our Overall Winners for 2013-2014 were Nick Bias (1:14:08) and Natalie McBrayer (1:33:44).
DSC 0216     DSC 0217